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I have been taking photos for as long as I can remember. I had a darkroom in my present home and took a few classes in High School and College. I continue to attend new seminars and classes today. My interest was perked when I lost an eye in 1976 and had to learn how to see again. You do miss things here and there so to see the world better I took more photos- in fact at least a photo everyday. I believe a photographer sees more of the world than others. I also believe in having special projects as part of my photography development. It can push you into new areas that may have surprising results. In 2015 Street Art became my project and shortly after added Homelessness. My artwork has kindled my desire to shine a brighter light on the homeless and dispossessed in our society. I was re-introduced to the streets of Greater LA by Mr. Ave Pildas (legendary LA Street Photographer) and we share a common vision for street art and storytelling. I was very disturbed by the stories and conditions of the homeless I visited. I have been to LACAN and Skid Row many times and witnessed a continued deterioration of the human condition of the homeless population. I hope my images might call attention to them and provide better solutions to those who desperately need help. I also visit Missions, Agencies and Outreach facilities in Greater LA to learn about the problems of the homeless. I presently like the work that Midnight Mission does in Los Angeles and Long Beach Rescue Mission in Long Beach but all are still looking for a better solution. I am active in HHROC Housing is a Human Right OC and have documented with my photography the past 2 years of the homeless cycles of abuse and hope Permanent Affordable Supportive Housing will soon find its way into all of our cities.

I received my BSEE from Long Beach State in 1965 and left immediately to explore Europe ending up for a year in Spain. My wife Barbara, Art Historian and Curator, joined me there and we were married at the Rock of Gibraltar in 1967.

We returned to USA and I launched a very successful business riding the waves of the PC Revolution. After 41 years I sold the business and now focus the majority of my time in growing thru photography. In 1976 became an official photographer for the Long Beach Grand Prix continuing until 1984.

Former Co-President of the Photographic Society of Orange County (PSOC) and love the life that photography leads me.

It feels good to be out shooting and taking in the day’s surprises.

So thanks for viewing my site and hope more photos and projects will be in your future….

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